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Lower Extremity Trauma Can Lead to Long-Term Gait Dysfunction

In-shoe pressure analysis and video analysis provide stark visual evidence that very obviously shows gait dysfunction of injured clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. These gait dysfunctions can cause long-term and permanent discomfort and injury to the ankles, knees, hip and low back. Long-term gait dysfunction can shorten and drastically affect a person’s overall life and health-span.

Any case that involves soft tissue or boney trauma of the feet, ankles, lower extremities, hips and back are great cases for use of gait analysis and an in-depth foot and lower extremity evaluation.   

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"Dr. Williams is awesome. He helped with a client that needed help with a SERIOUS foot injury. She suffered a fractured calcaneus that required surgery with hardware. She suffered a double fracture of the subtalar bone which resulted in arthritis. She will require at least a fusion of the ankle in the future, and maybe an ankle replacement.  

She loved to snow ski and could NOT until Dr. Williams helped. Also, because of Dr.  Williams' help our law firm was able to get her a huge settlement in her lawsuit.  

THANK YOU Dr. Williams-you are a patient advocate like no other."   

From: Peter Wachowski at Bellas & Wachowski 

An article below from Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding a case Dr Williams consulted: $6.3M deal for crushed foot injury – A lawyer who required several surgeries to her degloved foot after a bus hit her settled her lawsuit Monday for $6.3 million.  

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